Talk Tech on Thanksgiving – My Pick of Tech Tools for Thanksgiving

Talk Tech on Thanksgiving – My Pick of Tech Tools for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, and shopping. It can also be a crazy time as you organize for the festivities, prepare the big dinner and send out greetings of thanks to your friends and family. My pick of tech tools for this Thanksgiving might just make this holiday an even more enjoyable one. Thanksgiving Planner Are you usually the person who has to host Thanksgiving dinner?...

Designing a stop sign!

If you are a designer you can defintely sympathize with the designer in this video. Funny...

Google’s tribute to Les Paul

In memory of Les Paul, the legendary jazz guitarist, today Google’s logo is an interactive string instrument that allows users to play and even record tunes. So how much work is going to actually get done today? Here’s my version of  “I’d like to teach the world to...

Shouldn’t you be working?

Although the subject matter of this flash game is not computer related, I thought we all deserved a nice humor break after a long day of programming. I think you’ll find this very funny. ...

A little humor: Programmer “Hell”

While stuck debugging a script that no matter what I did, just would not work, I came across this little tale. It made me smile and lightened my day just a bit although I’m still ready to throw my computer out the window. It was published on by Deepika Haridas. Programmer “Hell” A programmer finds himself in front of a committee that decides whether he should go...
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