Serve on King Day

Serve on King Day On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday hundreds volunteered a day of service to honor his message and memory. How did you serve on this day? provides a free service to non-profit organizations to obtain free valuable technologies and resources to increase their efficiency and productivity. Web and graphic designers can volunteer design services to assist these...

Visual Studio Debugging Issue

Visual Studio Debugging Issue For application development for .NET, my tool of choice is MS Visual Studio. Every once in while lately I’ve run into an issue that frustrates the heck out of me. I will be coding my app, make a breakpoint where I’d like to start watching the performance of the application, and click the green debug arrow. My application will execute and not stop at my break points. I couldn’t...

Resetting a Form in ASP.NET

Here’s a quick and dirty way of resetting an form on your website or web application by Imran Akram on his blog. Although you could easily go through each form element and set it to an empty value and set all your select type elements to index -1, this snippet helped me when I designed a form with over 20 elements. I’ve translatted Imran’s snippet to...

Create a random character string

About a year ago I had to create a RSVP application that allowed the attendees to complete an RSVP form and receive a confirmation code in return. I wanted to create a random number with a specific number of characters for my confirmation code.  Here’s the code that generated the confirmation code.  Public Function GetRandomPasswordUsingGUID(ByVal length As Integer) As String ...

Creating a barcode image in your ASP.NET page

There are many products out there that can dynamically generate various types of barcodes to be used in your web application, but if you just need something simple that uses the basic Code 3 of 9 symbology this is a simplified way. It utilizes two different .aspx pages. One will create the barcode image, and the other will provide the characters to be translated and embed the barcode page. The...
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