How to create a PayPal button for donations

I work with many non-profit and political clients and besides providing thorough information about their cause or position of the issues on their website is to have a way for supporters to make donations. PayPal isn’t just for small organizations and businesses anymore. Its a widely accepted way for payments and donations. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step process for creating a...

Decorating Your Website or Blog for the Holidays!

Decorating Your Website or Blog for the Holidays! After you’ve festively decorated your home and place of business, don’t forget about showing that same holiday spirit with your electronic media. Start off by downloading a very festive holiday wallpaper to your computer desktop(s). I tend to lean toward the more contemporary wallpapers so here are a few of my favorite resources: Beautiful wallpapers for your desktop –...

Creating a barcode image in your ASP.NET page

There are many products out there that can dynamically generate various types of barcodes to be used in your web application, but if you just need something simple that uses the basic Code 3 of 9 symbology this is a simplified way. It utilizes two different .aspx pages. One will create the barcode image, and the other will provide the characters to be translated and embed the barcode page. The...
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